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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki | Breathwork Meditation

Each modality I use brought me my own deep healing experience before I decided to bring it to others. For this reason, I am deeply committed to my spiritual path and using these tools along the way. I know from experience that healing is possible on all levels.

1:1 Sessions: Services

Distane Reiki Healing
60 mins - $75

60 minute Holy Fire III Reiki session

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle form of energy healing that alleviates stress and tension from the mind, body, and energy field. Its benefits are vast, and it is an impactful complementary therapy for all types of mental or physical healing. In person or via distance, I take a look at parts of the body that may be depleted or out of balance and use reiki to restore and balance your energy. Reiki can be done via distance because it comes from Source and can be directed anywhere by the practitioner.

I blend reiki with my intuitive gifts to determine which chakras or areas of the body require healing and what the imbalances may stem from, and work to restore their energy. Reiki is excellent for reducing anxiety, depression, and many other mental health concerns.

Virtual Breathwork + Reiki Combination
90 Mins - $125

We will begin the session by identifying blocks, areas of overwhelm, mental health concerns, or any other area you may seek relief from.

I will guide you through 25-30 minutes of active, 3-part pranayama breathwork to clear stuck energy. Breathwork is my favorite tool to open up the chakras, clear stagnant energy, and improve mental clarity. It opens up the mind, body, and spirit to more deeply receive reiki. The remainder of the session will be used for you to rest while receiving reiki energy healing to further relax and reset yourself fully. At the end of the session, we will discuss your experience, what I intuitively picked up on, and offer any guidance for you to continue healing. I recommend this session as the most powerful. Sessions are done virtually via Zoom. Reiki healing energy comes from the source of all living things, and can be directed anywhere on the planet. Time and space are not barriers for reiki. In person sessions can be completed upon request.

"I am so grateful to have Dani as my Reiki Healer. My sessions with her are always so insightful and healing. Her space is so welcoming and I can just feel the high vibe energy spilling out of it. Her use of crystals, essential oils, and oracle cards amplifies the already potent Reiki energy and makes for such a powerful healing experience. Her intuitive guidance never fails to hit right to the point of what I needed to hear. 

The best part of Reiki with Dani is that she makes you feel so safe and seen. There is never any judgement and I always feel safe to express how I am feeling and know that Dani will hold space for me and for whatever I am going through."

Tacy | St. Paul, MN

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