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Holy Fire Reiki

What is Reiki?

"Rei" means spiritually guided. "Ki" (also known as chi or qi) means life force. When we put the two together, we can interpret the energy of reiki as spiritually guided life force energy. All living things (including you!) have their own channel of ki.

Those who are sensitive or considered to have a "healing touch" often find they can feel their own energy running through the bottoms of their feet or palms of their hands, and intuitively know that it is healing. This is why our first instinct is to place our hands on injuries. However, the ki that we have inherently must be connected to a source of energy in order for it to replenish its healing power. This is where "rei" comes in. Rei-ki attunements (called Ignitions in Holy Fire Reiki) received in training allow the practitioner to become an open channel to the source of all life force. This way, the practitioner channels healing energy directly from Source into the reiki recipient without depleting their own energy stores and while actually receiving healing at the same time as the recipient.

Reiki has been used in many forms for hundreds of years. The most traditional lineage of reiki is called Usui. Over time, different lineages and cultures have evolved the energy under their own teachings and practices. The lineage that found me is Holy Fire III Reiki. Holy Fire is considered to be the most recent, and often considered stronger, energy taught by the International Center for Reiki Training. Click to learn more about reiki from the ICRT, where I received my certification. Holy Fire III Reiki is considered an upgrade to the energy and comes from a higher form of consciousness. 

What is Reiki Used For?

Originally used as a Japanese technique for stress reduction, reiki has evolved to become a tool to complement healing from dis-ease. It benefits us on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It can be used for stress and anxiety, physical pain, insomnia, brain fog, and many other ailments. I have personally found it to be most useful as a tool for clearing away childhood trauma patterns, relaxation, and connecting to my higher or authentic self.

My Training

I am a certified Holy Fire III Karuna Master Teacher. I received my first reiki training in 2019 and, over the years, have grown to become a master teacher and then Karuna master teacher. The path that reiki has guided me down throughout the years brought me closer to my authentic self and I have been blessed to introduce and teach others on their paths as well.

I received all levels of my reiki training from Jill Thiel of The Minnesota Reiki Center for Healing and Training. Jill is one of few Holy Fire III Licensed ICRT teachers in the world. The high quality training qualifies me as a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association, and I am able to teach others under the ICRT program.

I use light hands-on and hovering techniques to bring clients into to a state of peace and relaxation while the energy medicine runs its course. Reiki is beneficial for all types of emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing. During sessions, reiki and my intuition guide me to areas that will most benefit from the reiki.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is a specific type of reiki that works gently and deeply to heal both the practitioner and client. For me it has been most effective in healing the shadow self and relationships. Many also experience healing of habits, greater ability to express themselves, and more creativity.

Pranayama Breathwork

Breathwork is a form of active meditation which uses a specific pattern of breath to invoke a connection between the body, mind, and spirit and promote healing. It's a wonderful experience to do individually, in groups, or couples. Beginning the meditation with a certain intention can help clear any stuck energy, invoke creativity, offer emotional release, and much more.

 I began practicing breathwork myself in 2019, and immediately knew it was something I wanted to bring to others. The type I am certified to teach is a 3-part pranayama taught by David Elliott. I find breathwork to be an exceptional tool for clearing and shifting energy and raising the vibration of the physical body. It is an excellent complement to reiki, and the combination of the two is powerful for increasing consciousness and accelerating healing.

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